Our Material



Is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.  We coat our silver jewelry with rhodium, which gives it an extra shine and durability.  Rhodium is one of the most expensive precious metals due to its rarity.


Is an alloy made of 75% pure gold (fine) and 25% copper. To define the amount of gold in an alloy, the expression carats (K) emerged, where 24K is equivalent to 100% pure gold.  If we say that a gem is 18K gold,  this means that it has 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals, or still that it has 75% gold.   Also because of that, the term gold 750, which is more used in Europe.


They are one of the hardest natural substances found on Earth.  Our high quality diamonds are obtained from our suppliers who follow conflict-free and socially responsible practices.


Our gemstones vary according to the proposal of each piece and each client, among them we use precious, semi-precious and synthetic natural mineral gemstones.  However all are chosen individually. Although gems in general show some variation in color, they are always clean, well cut, polished and chosen one by one following our quality standard.


We use cultured freshwater oyster and mussel pearls that we carefully select for our pieces.  Pearls are sensitive, so please never forget to treat them with care.